Senckenberg Graduate School

International Multidisciplinary Parasitology and Vector Biology (IMPact-Vector)

Identification of indigenous and invasive mosquito species using direct PCR



Antje Werblow & Dorian Dörge

EMCA Workshop February 2015

Poster prize

DGaaE Conference March 2015

Endoparasites and immunity of native and invasive waterfowl in Germany

Hanna Prüter

6th student workshop of the European Wildlife Disease association

Culex pipiens and Culex torrentium mosquitoes from Germany are susceptible to infection with West Nile virus

Mayke Leggewie

27th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Parasitology

March 2016

Record of Lyme disease Spirochaetes in German mosquitoes



Sina Zotzmann & Lisa Koch


EMCA Workshop February 2015

DGaaE Conference March 2015

Differentially expressed genes in European eels infected with Anguillicola crassus

Seraina Emilia Bracamonte

ESEB meeting in Lausanne

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